Anita Moorjani’s Message re: Staying Healthy

Anita Moorjani was riddled with cancer tumors the size of lemons all over her body.  Clumps of hair were absent from her scalp.  Her body was in the process of shutting down when she fell info a coma and had a near death experience.  She returned to life and from a death sentence.  Her doctors deemed her “cancer free” 5 weeks from waking up from that coma.  

Her message is yet another example of how the vibratory field of love and compassion is the highest healing frequency there is.  Below is a recording from her book “Dying to Be Me” which is about 21 minutes long.  I invite you to listen to it with an open mind, take in what is useful to you and share this recording with any one you wish.  Buy her book either on or in print.  There is so much more in her book than this audio clip. It is a read that will make a difference to you whether you have an illness or not.  I hope you enjoy!

Hypnosis for Cancer, Raising Energetic Field

This recording is designed to raise our vibratory field through thoughts.  Thereby preparing a healthy container for healing cancer cells.

Stress Management with Mark Cohen

Aloha!  This is an interview with Mark Cohen who is a respected composer, pianist and internal martial arts teacher with a 7th generation lineage in Chinese medicine.  In this interview, Mark shares practical advice that you can use today for methods of stress management.  I know you will find his information practical, with techniques you can use right away.  I hope you enjoy this interview.  I had such a nice time getting to know Mr. Cohen more, and I think you will too.


Michelle DeStefano

Israel Regardie’s The Art of True Healing Meditation

Aloha, This meditation, written in 1932, helps develop a strong relationship with life force energy, source energy, Spirit, God or whatever you feel comfortable calling our higher power. With this close connection to Spirit we enter more into the flow of life which makes cocreating our desires of life more effective. This meditation is an avenue towards health changes that help heal emotional and physical problems. Stress can be eliminated from your way of being which also has a myriad of health benefits such as lowering hypertension, and, for those who suffer depression, to align your energy with a more joyful state of being.  Some of the words have been changed for a more updated language.  The accompanying music is by Mark Watson.  Listen to this as often as you want.  I hope you enjoy it.


Jim Hrisikos

This interview with Jim Hrisikos reveals how he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, given 3 to 6 months to live, only to find out later that he went into total remission and is to this day cancer free.  Did his attitude have anything to do with this reversal?  You decide.  Either way he is a man of great wisdom in his mid 80’s now and this is a fun, inspiring interview.  I hope you enjoy it!


Erik Knud-Hansen Interview

This Spolog is an interview with an Erik Knud-Hansen, an author who explains the wisdom of “imperience”. His new book is titled “Imperience: Understanding the Heart of Consciousness."  This book presents a brief, contemporary version of timeless spiritual knowledge and intuitive insight with out endorsing any supreme being or spiritual tradition.  It further explains the fundamental nature of mind and matter.  

I hope you enjoy the interview.


This Spolog is to “demystify” hypnosis and help you understand what it is and what it is not.  It also explains the difference between hypnosis, meditation, visualization and affirmations.  I hope you enjoy it.


First Spolog

Welcome to my spolog. I made up that word because I wanted to provide you an audio log so you can relax and just listen.  This first one is short and it is just an introduction to me and my passion for helping people with hypnosis. Watch for my next spolog to be published mid April.  So for now, relax and enjoy.    

- Michelle

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